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D’Amico Arredamenti is a furniture store dedicated to consulting, design and the sale of furniture for private homes, commercial and public contracts.

Headquartered in Casoli, in the Italian region Abruzzo, the business was founded in 1957 from a former carpentry workshop. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Nicola D’Amico, we have been able to promote the “Made in Italy” rising trend.

In the mid-80s a new generation joined the company: Franco D’Amico led the business towards a more international dimension, allowing it to acquire important contracts abroad: New York, Zurich, Paris, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Beirut and Moscow.

More than 60 years of passion for our work and for its expression, have given us great professional satisfaction, along with an extensive network of relationships and friendships with our customers.

The company is dedicated to the study and the design of interiors, the sale of design products and working with the best brands in the world.

Nicola D’Amico on a Vespa   


Offer customized solutions according to the customers’ needs.

Franco D’Amico and Dino Gavina


Improve the quality of the life through the good design and good living.

Nicola D’Amico opens the original store in Casoli (CH), based on the site of the previous carpentry workshop.


Over the years we have had the pleasure to share our passion for the design with key players in the cultural world and in the industry, both nationally and internationally.

Our team, our family, our strength.

We like to imagine our company as an extended network of craftsmen, dedicated to interpreting the customer’s needs, in order to help them to choose the most appropriate solutions, while offering the highest quality.

Our team is at the heart of the company. A group of nine professionals, including interior designers and craftsmen, who share the same vision in creating unique solutions.



“Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress” award (2008), Chamber of Commerce, Chieti.

“Optimization” award for the 55 years of activity at the University G.D’Annunzio (2013), Confindustria Chieti-Pescara.

Looking for a tailor-made solution?

Let us know your ideas, and our team will design and realize the ideal solution.